Free & Paid Parking in York

Free Parking in York

This page was last updated in January 2024

Free and Paid Parking in York

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Free Residential Streetside Parking

One of the best ways to get free parking in a city is to make like a local and park in the residential streets surrounding the centre. What usually holds us back is being unfamiliar with an area and not wanting to waste a long time trying to find a suitable spot. We’ve found the streets with unrestricted parking and made the following list, organised into direction from York city centre. We’ve also included postcodes to help your GPS, and an approximate walking distance.


Parking to the north of the city creates a route through a lot of York’s history. Before you get to the city centre, you will have passed several museums including the Yorkshire Museum (including the Museum Gardens) and York Art Gallery. There is also the beautiful Gothic York Minster and York Abbey along the way. A slight detour gives you the chance to see the ancient city walls before getting to the medieval streets near the Shambles.

• Scarborough Terrace YO30 7AW – 0.8 miles
• Grosvenor Road YO30 7AN – 0.9 miles
• Huntington Mews YO31 8JB – 1 mile
• Ashville Street YO31 8RY – 1 mile
• Filey Terrace YO30 7AP – 1 mile
• Lumley Road YO30 6DB – 1 mile
• Ratcliffe Street YO30 6EN – 1.1 miles
• Greenfields YO31 8LA – 1.1 miles
• Surtees Street YO30 6DT – 1.1 miles
• Garth Terrace YO30 6DU – 1.2 miles
• Burton Stone Lane YO30 6EU – 1.2 miles
• Cromer Street YO30 6DL – 1.2 miles


East of York will grant you a route passing St Nick’s Nature Reserve before you come to the city walls, which you can pass through via Walmgate Bar, the only original town gate in England that has survived with its barbican intact. Walk via Rowntree’s Wharf to get to many museums and the Shambles shopping street.

• Barstow Avenue YO10 3HE – 1.2 miles
• Garrow Hill Avenue YO10 3HY – 1.2 miles
• Siward Street YO10 3LW – 1.3 miles
• Lamel Street YO10 3LL – 1.3 miles
• Milson Grove YO10 3AQ – 1.4 miles
• Norman Street YO10 3LH – 1.4 miles
• Lilac Avenue YO10 3AT – 1.5 miles
• Hadrian Avenue YO10 3RD – 1.7 miles
• Wycliffe Avenue YO10 3RH – 1.8 miles


Parking in these streets will put you closer to green spaces like Walmgate Stray and Rowntree’s Park. Walking into the city from a southerly direction is perfect for those wanting to see York Castle and the accompanying museum, as well as York Dungeon. Several museums line the route, including the York Army Museum and the JORVIK Viking Centre.

• Terry Street YO23 1JQ – 0.9 miles
• Wenlock Terrace YO10 4DU – 1.1 miles
• Aldreth Grove YO23 1LB – 1.1 miles
• St Clements Grove YO23 1JZ – 1.1 miles
• Cameron Grove YO23 1LE – 1.1 miles
• Finsbury Street YO23 1LT – 1.2 miles
• Butcher Terrace YO23 1LS – 1.2 miles
• Brunswick Street YO23 1EB – 1.3 miles
• Queen Victoria Street YO23 1HW – 1.4 miles
• Adelaide Street YO23 1DL – 1.4 miles
• Sutherland Street YO23 1HQ – 1.4 miles
• Windsor Street YO23 1DN – 1.4 miles
• Albemarle Road YO23 1HD – 1.5 miles


While there are less options for parking to the west of York, this direction is ideal for those visiting the Grand Opera House. The walk will take you past the York railway station and over the River Ouse, before getting to the ancient city walls. The further-out streets are convenient for the York Cold War Bunker, Holgate Windmill, and Hob Moor.

• Railway Terrace YO24 4BN – 1.1 miles
• St Pauls Terrace YO24 4BL – 1.1 miles
• Wilton Rise YO24 4BT – 1.2 miles
• Hamilton Drive YO24 4JW – 1.5 miles
• Holly Bank Road YO24 4EB – 1.5 miles
• Collingwood Avenue YO24 4JY – 1.6 miles
• Windmill Rise YO26 4TU – 1.6 miles

When parking in residential streets, please observe the usual rules for on-street parking. Don’t park on any double-yellow lines or over driveways, and keep noise to a minimum – particularly in the evenings. Be courteous to the people who live in the area. Always remember that you park your car in residential streets at your own risk.
The downside of parking in residential streets is that you aren’t guaranteed a space and – even though it’s free – it takes more time and effort to get to the city centre. This may be less of an option for people less able to walk for long distances such as disabled people, young children, and the elderly. Fortunately there is another option for free parking: the Park & Ride.

Free car park in York

  • Foss Island Retail Park YO31 7UR – 2 hours maximum stay (customers only)

Free Overnight Parking (6pm to 8am)

Looking for free overnight streetside parking in York? While York doesn’t offer tonnes of options, ParkingScout managed to locate four different streets where you can park for free between 6pm and 8am the next morning. If making use of this option, remember to remove any valuables from sight and park in a way that doesn’t obstruct traffic. 

  • Fossgate YO1 9TA
  • St Denys Road YO1 9QD
  • Walmgate YO1 9TL
  • The Stonebow YO1 8NW

Park & Ride Services in York

While you have to pay for a bus ticket into the city, you can park for free in the Park & Rides that service York. So you can avoid city driving and congestion, as well as not worrying about finding a space once you’re in the centre. With York Park & Rides, up to 3 children under the age of 16 can travel with the purchase of one adult bus ticket, making this option ideal for larger groups and families. The buses are convenient and run regularly throughout the day.

  • Askham Bar YO24 1LW (1100 spaces) – south-west of York
  • Designer Outlet YO19 4TA (600 spaces) – south of York
  • Grimston Bar YO19 5LA (920 spaces) – east of York
  • Monks Cross YO32 9JU (800 spaces) – north-east of York
  • Poppleton Bar YO26 6QF (600 spaces) – north-west of York (TEMPORARILY CLOSED)
  • Rawcliffe Bar YO30 5XZ (1000 spaces) – north-west of York


  • Standard adult return: £3.60
  • Concessionary return: £1.30
  • Child return: £1.80
  • Smart 5-day carnet: £16.25
  • Smart weekly: £14.40
  • First Group day ticket – up to 5 people travelling together after 9am on weekdays and any time on weekends: £10.00

Cheapest Paid Parking Options in York

If you would prefer the convenience and security of an official car park, it can still be affordable. Like most city centres, many of the car parks in York are pricey, so we’ve compiled a list below of the cheapest car parks for your information, including postcodes and pricing.

  • Castle Car Park YO1 9SA – £3.60 for 2 hours
  • Peel Street YO1 9PZ – £4.50 for 2 hours
  • St Georges Field YO10 4FH – £5.60 for 2 hours
  • Nunnery Lane YO23 1AA – £5.60 for 2 hours
  • Rowntrees Wharf YO1 9XA – £5.00 for 2 hours
  • Esplanade YO26 4ZP – £6.20 for 2 hours
  • Layerthorpe YO31 7UZ – £3.20 for 2 hours
  • Barbican Road YO10 5AA – £2.95 for 2 hours
  • Carlisle Street YO26 4XN – £2.50 for 2 hours

York is a beautiful and fascinating city, and you will want to spend lots of time there. With the information on this page, you won’t have to break the bank to do so.

Free Parking Near Popular York Locations

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Visiting York

York is an ancient northern English city with origins dating back to Roman times. It sits at the confluence of the rivers Ouse and Foss. There are many beautiful old structures in the city including the Castle, Minster, and City Walls. York has a population over 200,000 strong and welcomes about 8.4 million tourists every year. People are attracted to the city due to its long history, museums, beautiful architecture and charming, old-timey streets. The city is also only a two-hour train ride from London, making it accessible and convenient for many tourists to visit.

There is a large arts scene in York, particularly in theatre. Several famous actors, notably Judi Dench, hail from York. Shopping is also a draw to the city; many people visit for the Shambles – a medieval shopping street with beautiful timber-framed buildings. The ancient architecture and aesthetic of York has made it a favourite topic for travel blogs and websites.

As in any city, parking close to York city centre can be a challenge if you’re unfamiliar with the area. Official car parks are expensive and that price quickly adds up if you want to spend any real time there. On this page we provide the best free options for parking in York – see the map below for a quick look, then read on for more information and tips on parking inexpensively or free in this beautiful old city.