Emirates Stadium Parking

Emirates Stadium Parking

Emirates Stadium Parking

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Parking at Emirates Stadium

Look, it’s not like parking in Islington is cheap or easy under the best of circumstances, and when the Gunners are playing, you better have a residency permit to park anywhere near the stadium, be prepared to give your wallet the shock of a lifetime, or warm up those legs for a bit of a walk. This Parking Scout guide will help you choose the best parking options near Emirates Stadium on match day and look at parking options at or near the stadium any other day of the week.

Don’t like the idea of leaving your car unattended in the street? JustPark allows you to search for parking spaces that meet your needs! Want a roof over your car? No problem.  Insist on a security gate and lighting? We’ve got you covered. Visit JustPark today to find affordable and secure parking for your next trip to Emirates Stadium.

Match Day Parking at Emirates Stadium

Whether you’re planning on watching the game or not, any and all London drivers heading to or through Islington better be aware that match day brings a bunch of additional traffic controls and restrictions. Whenever either the men’s or women’s home games are expected to sell more than 10,000 tickets, or the stadium hosts other events that are expected to sell more than 10,000 tickets, finding affordable and convenient parking suddenly becomes a lot more difficult. 

Check out Arsenal’s local residents’ news page to stay up-to-date with the latest events or to plan your route. It’s a great resource for checking what events are coming up and clearly indicates what times the roads near the stadium will be closed. On match day, the following roads become pedestrian-only:

  • Isledon Road
  • St Thomas’s Road
  • Drayton Park
  • Benwell Road
  • Arvon Road
  • Holloway Road
  • Highbury Place


On match day, streetside parking in the following zones is affected: E, F, G, H, J, L, N, Q, and V. This means a £12.50 per hour charge for pay-and-display parking, with an additional £2 to £3.75 per hour for petrol vehicles (depending on emissions), going up to £6.50 per hour for diesel vehicles. EVs pay a concessionary rate of £2 per hour. You can view a static or interactive map of controlled parking zones near Emirates Stadium on the Islington Council page.

Closest match-day car parks to Emirates Stadium

While onsite parking at Emirates Stadium is a nightmare of expenses and administration, local entrepreneurs within a 10- to 15-minute walk of the stadium have stepped in to fill the gap. There are a number of private parking suppliers that make match-day parking easy to pre-book and easily accessible. Remember to check out our interactive map to help you find suitable parking based on your direction of travel. 

MS Car Parks

MS Car Parks offers match-day parking by partnering with local schools in the area and renting out their parking spaces. Parking prices vary between £20 and £39, which is actually quite reasonable when compared to many of the other options available in the area, with some parking providers charging upwards of £25 per hour. They have pre-booked parking spaces available at:

  • Montem Primary School car park // 9-minute walk
  • Ambler Primary School car park // 9-minute walk
  • Canonbury Primary School car park // 15-minute walk
  • Stroud Green Primary School car park // 14-minute walk
  • Hornsey Road VIP car park // 7-minute walk
  • Christ the King Primary School car park // 12-minute walk
  • Laycock Primary School car park // 15-minute walk

You can book your parking and get all the relevant information on MS Car Park’s booking page, or contact MS Car Parks through their online portal.

Gemini Parking Solutions

Gemini Parking Solutions operates one of the closest pre-booked parking sites for Emirates Stadium match days. At a cost of £20 per day and no more than a 5-minute walk, this is parking gold if you manage to secure a spot before it’s sold out. Their car park is located at:

  • The Village Practice, Val McKenzie Avenue // 5-minute walk

To book a spot in this car park, you can call 0208 418 0948 or use the RingGo pay-by-phone app.

Kingsland Shopping Centre

If you don’t mind an approximately 2-mile walk in both directions, parking at the Kingsland Shopping Centre to the east of Emirates Stadium is another great option. It has 350 parking spaces available at a very reasonable (for London!) price of £10 for 3 hours and £20 for up to 24 hours. Pre-booking isn’t necessary, making it a good option for those who made a last-minute decision to watch the match. 

  • Kingsland Shopping Centre, Kingsland High Street // 40-minute walk
Holocene Motor Group

Holocene Motor Group operates a car park just off Holloway Road, within a 15-minute walk of Emirates Stadium. At £30 per day, they’re not the cheapest option you could possibly find; however, you could do worse.

  • Holocene car park, Camden Road // 15-minute walk

You can book your spot at 020 7607 3600 or 07342 196 782 or make an online reservation here.

Parking Booking Apps

In recent years, parking booking apps that facilitate renting private parking spaces and help commercial shops administer their parking have exploded in popularity. Service providers such as JustPark, Your Parking Space, and Parklet have all seen massive growth and genuinely offer a good alternative to driving around looking for parking spaces. We looked at some of the match-day offerings from some of the biggest players. For consistency and fairness, we used ‘Emirates Stadium’ as our location, and looked at parking options for the Arsenal vs. Tottenham game on Sunday the 24th of September 2023. We searched for parking from 1pm to 5pm. We searched exactly two weeks in advance. 


While JustPark usually has tonnes of options available, it seems that booking more than two weeks in advance is the way to go. More than a third of their options were already sold out, and we have no reason to believe that these were the undesirable options. That being said, there were still plenty of options – at least 50 – available within a 30-minute walk of the stadium. 

While prices range wildly  (between £9 and £62 for the indicated period) they mostly scale according to distance from the stadium. Parking spots less than a 10-minute walk average around £30 for the 4 hours, while those willing to walk for 20 to 30 minutes are looking at anything between £10 and £16 for parking. 

Your Parking Space

The story was very similar with Your Parking Space, although the highest asking price shot up to £75 for 4 hours. About a quarter of the available spots had already been sold out, and the remaining ones averaged out at between £15 and £20 within a 20- to 30-minute radius of the stadium. Most spots within a 10-minute walk we advertised at between £25 and £50. We know that’s a big range, but that’s the name of the game when individual owners set their own prices. 


Surprisingly, ParkLet only had three options available for matchday: £77 within a 5-minute walk and £25 and £7.50 with roughly an hour-long walk to the stadium. There are better options available.

Drive to Emirates Stadium regularly? Save yourself the time and hassle of looking for parking AND avoid some of the steepest parking charges in the country by checking out the amazing parking options available on JustPark.

Non-match-day Parking at Emirates Stadium

Free streetside parking after 2 pm

If you’re looking for parking near Emirates Stadium on non-match days, there are actually a handful of free parking spaces outside the hours of 10 am and 2 pm. Between these hours, parking in these spaces works on a pay-and-display basis at an hourly rate of £6.35 and has a maximum stay of 2 hours. Outside of these hours, restrictions don’t apply. Check out our free map to pinpoint the exact parking spots detailed below. All of these spaces are within a 5-minute walk of Emirates Stadium.

  • Aubert Park N5 1TS – 9 spaces
  • Aubert Park N5 1TQ – 8 spaces
  • Drayton Park N5 1BF – 6 spaces
  • Drayton Park N5 1ND – 6 spaces
  • Martineau Road N5 1NG – 3 spaces

Free streetside parking after 6:30 pm / Overnight

If you find yourself near Emirates Stadium in the evening after 6:30 pm, you can look for free parking on these streets. Between 8:30 am and 6:30 pm, these locations are pay-and-display at a rate of between £5.70 and £6.35 per hour and have a maximum stay of 2 hours. Outside of these hours, the restrictions are dropped. All of these spaces are within a 15-minute walk of Emirates Stadium. 

  • Loraine Road N7 6PA – 18 spaces
  • Hornsey Street N7 8GD – 12 spaces
  • Eden Grove N7 8EH – 20 spaces
  • Georges Road N7 1AR – 10 spaces
  • Chillingworth Road N7 8QQ – 8 spaces
  • Liverpool Road N7 8NP – 6 spaces
  • Morgan Road N7 8NL – 9 spaces
  • Drayton Park N5 1PB – 4 spaces
  • Benwell Road N7 7BB – 4 spaces

About Emirates Stadium

Emirates Stadium, the pulsating heart of North London football and the proud home of Arsenal Football Club stands as one of the premier sporting and event destinations on the planet. Initially opening its doors in 2006, the Emirates was a leap into modernity from its predecessor, Highbury, also affectionately referred to as “the home of football”. As a marvel of contemporary design and functionality, it now accommodates an electrifying capacity of 60,704 fans and stands as one of the most technologically advanced stadiums in Europe.

Over the years, the Emirates has served as more than just a temple of football, diversifying its offerings to become a multi-purpose arena for various sporting and entertainment events. While it’s not an Olympic venue like Wembley, it has still been the site of renowned international friendly matches, hosted concerts, and served as a platform for various other sporting events including Brazil’s global tour matches. It’s also been a sought-after location for film and television shoots, giving it a touch of Hollywood glamour.

Whether fans are flocking to the stadium to witness the high-octane rivalry of the North London Derby, to see world-class musicians in concert, or to partake in a variety of cultural events, the Emirates Stadium is more than just a venue; it’s an experience. With its modern facilities and rich history connected to one of England’s most iconic football clubs, Emirates Stadium serves as a mecca for fans of sport, music, and culture. So the next time you find yourself in London, make sure to seize the chance to visit this monumental arena.