Free & Paid Parking in Sheffield

Free & Paid Parking in Sheffield

The fifth largest city in the UK, Sheffield, has plenty to offer its fast-growing number of visitors. Although much of its early history has been lost to time, it’s generally believed that the city was founded by William de Lovetot, the Lord of the Manor, in the late 13th century. From there, Sheffield has continuously grown into a city of just under 600,000 people, largely due to its excellent location suited for metal refinery and production. For centuries, Sheffield metalwork has been well-regarded throughout the country. Today, Sheffield is known for its vibrant culture and history, attracting millions of visitors each year, and, said visitors have no reason to be bored in Sheffield.

Football fans will obviously want to visit Bramall Lane, one of the oldest, if not the oldest, football stadiums in the UK; there’s some contestation from the guys in Mansfield Town about Field Mill being the oldest. What is clearly on the record though, is that Bramhall Lane hosted the first floodlit football game in there 1878. There’s a lot of football history to be experienced here!

Music aficionados can visit where it all began for Arctic Monkeys and Pulp, and make a trip out of visiting some of the bars and venues where these now iconic bands first started out. Leadmill music venue has in the past, and continues to do so today, hosted some of the biggest names in the music industry.

Other popular attractions include the Winter Garden, an enormous greenhouse right in the city centre. Housing about 2,500 species from around the world, this architectural beauty is something to see. The Millennium Gallery is well-loved by locals and tourists alike, and features exhibitions from some of the best established and up-and-coming artists from around the globe.

From a parking point of view, Sheffield is actually on the higher-ranking side of the scale. While you won’t find any free parking right in the city centres, there are plenty of very reasonably priced private and council car parks dotted across the map, and the city provides free parking at all of the park & ride stations, provided you take public transport. Continue reading to find out more about where and when you can park in Sheffield without breaking the bank or parking miles from your destination.

Free Parking in Sheffield

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Free, unrestricted street parking

Absolutely nothing wrong with parking for free on the side of the road if there are no restrictions in play! This section will provide you with some of the best spots where you can park for free on your next trip to Sheffield. All the distances that we indicate below refer to the distance to Sheffield Town Hall, located right in the centre of town and within walking distance from major attractions, shopping centres, commercial centres and more. Your actual destination might, in fact, end up being much closer.

The streets mentioned below are a mixture of commercial and residential streets. When parking on the side of the road, it is important to double-check that you are not inconveniencing someone with your vehicle. Even the most well-meaning driver could accidentally block a driveway, make it difficult for someone to leave their parking bay, or park in a way that somehow obscures traffic. Please be extra considerate when parking in a residential area.

Residential Streets

An option that you might consider is parking on a residential street and walking to the town centre. Usually the downside to this is not knowing which streets you can park in, if you’re not familiar with a place. We’ve gathered all of Brighton’s residential streets with free parking opportunities in the list below, including postcodes and the distance they are from the seafront (specifically the Palace Pier). The list is divided into the directions you may approach Brighton from, to make it easier for you to find the streets most convenient to you.

Be sure to observe the usual rules for parking on residential streets – don’t park over driveways or on double yellow lines, keep noise to a minimum (particularly in the evening), and double check for signage stating when and where you’re allowed to park, if any.


If approaching Sheffield from the north, you’ll find free streetside parking in Burngreave. From there, a twenty-minute walk or so will get you to the heart of Sheffield, very close to the Town Hall. A walk down Spital Hill, then Wicker Street, will lead you to Lady’s Bridge, over the River Don, and into downtown Sheffield. You could also check Google Maps and make use of the buses that travel along this route.

●  Bressingham Road S3 9DD – 1.2 miles

●  Clun Street S4 7JS – 1.2 miles

●  Babur Road S4 7PY – 1.3 miles


If you’re heading into Sheffield on the A6135, then the free parking in Sheffield that will be the most convenient option for you will be towards the east of the city centre. There are a number of streets near Skye Edge Field that offer free unrestricted parking. The walk down the A6135 will take you across the train and tram tracks, and into the city centre.

● Robinson Road S2 5QS – 1 mile

●  Stafford Road S2 2SF – 1 mile

●  Hyde Park Walk S2 5LX – 1 mile

●  Manor Oaks Gardens S2 5JY – 1.1 miles

●  Tylney Road S2 2RX – 1.2 miles

●  Ingram Road S2 2RZ – 1.2 miles

●  Seabrook Road S2 2SA – 1.2 miles


We couldn’t find a lot of unrestricted streetside parking to the south of Sheffield City Centre, but if you do park on Manton Street, you’re no more than a 10-minute walk away from The Moor Market, a popular downtown area with lots of shipping and dining options.

● Manton Street S2 4BA – 0.8 miles


Free unrestricted parking to the west of Sheffield City Centre is a bit further than the other directions, however, if you’re heading anywhere near The University of Sheffield, Weston Park, you’ll find these parking spots very convenient. If you’re going to make the 30- to 40-minute walk to the city centre, consider a quick detour through Crookes Valley Park. This park, with its relaxing lake, lawns, and swans, is especially popular with locals in the summer.

●  Guest Road S11 8UJ – 1.9 miles

●  Glebe Road (North side) S10 1FB – 1.6 miles

●  Lawson Road S10 5BW – 1.7 miles

●  Taptonville Road (North side) S10 5AY – 1.8 miles

●  Endcliffe Avenue S10 3EA – 1.9 miles

Free after 8:30pm/Overnight parking

Within Sheffield City Centre, there are a number of good parking options without any charge. You can park your car overnight, from 8:30pm to 8:00am, 7 days a week, in the following city centre locations. Make sure to not block traffic in any way, shape, or form; and be sure to remove any valuables from your car, or at least move them to a less-visible location. These distances indicate the walking distance to Town Hall.

●  Westfield Terrace S1 4GH – 0.4 miles

●  Eldon Street S1 4NR – 0.4 miles

●  Trippet Lane S1 4EL – 0.4 miles

●  Division Street S1 4GF – 0.3 miles

●  Trafalgar Street S1 4NJ – 0.4 miles

●  Cambridge Street S1 4HP – 0.2 miles

●  Matilda Street S1 4QB – 0.3 miles

●  Earl Street S1 4QW – 0.4 miles

●  Bishop Street S3 7UW – 0.6 miles

Park and Ride Services

There are numerous park and ride service providers dotted around the city in all directions, all of which offer free parking in exchange for a public transportation ticket. There could be a train, bus, or tram, depending on where you’re heading from the park & ride. Please notice that your ticket expires at 00:29 am at a lot of the car parks, so you will have to pay for another transport ticket the next day.

●  Dore & Totley Station S17 3LB – south of Sheffield

●  Halfway Park & Ride S20 3GS – southeast of Sheffield

●  Malin Bridge Park & Ride S6 4JR – west of Sheffield

●  Meadowhall Park & Ride S9 1JQ – northeast of Sheffield

●  Middlewood Park & Ride S6 1TQ – northwest of Sheffield

●  Nunnery Square Park & Ride S2 5DH – east of Sheffield

Cheapest Paid Car Parks

Sheffield City Council car parks are reasonably priced compared to what ParkingScout has seen across the UK. There are a number of car parks in or very near the city centre, both private and council-run, where you can find secure parking for under £2 for two hours. Not every city in the UK can say this anymore…

●  Carver Lane Car Park S1 4FT – £1.45 for 2 hours

●  Arundel Street Car Park S1 3RA – £1.60 for 2 hours

●  Copper Street Car Park S3 7AG – £1.80 for 2 hours

●  Trinity Street Car Park S3 7AW – £1.80 for 2 hours

●  Broomspring Lane Car Park S10 2FB – £1.80 for 2 hours

●  Windrush Way Car Park S3 8JU – £1.80 for 2 hours

●  Carver Lane Car Park S1 4FT – £1.45 for 2 hours

Free and paid parking near Sheffielf locations

Free and paid parking near Sheffield Railway Station, Millennium Gallery, and the Cholera Monument

Park and Ride Services

Free and paid parking near Sheffield Botanical Gardens and The University of Sheffield