Free & Paid Parking in Chester

Free Parking in Chester

Chester is a walled cathedral city on the River Dee in Cheshire, northwest England. Founded in 79AD as a Roman fort, Chester has a rich 2000 year long history, evidence of which can still be seen throughout the city today. The city walls, established around 70-80 AD, are Grade I listed and the only full-circuit city walls remaining in Britain.

During the Industrial Revolution, Chester became more well-connected via the new railways and canals that spread across the country, which helped the city to expand and develop.

There are a number of medieval buildings remaining, or Victorian restorations of these structures. The remaining neoclassical buildings of the ancient Chester Castle site is also a point of historical interest, as is Chester Cathedral – a stunning, Grade I listed building of New Red Sandstone. The 19th century Gothic Revival town hall and the medieval Rows shopping street are other points of interest.

Chester’s history and culture can also be explored via one of its many museums, some of which are the Grosvenor, the Deva Roman Discovery Centre, and the Military Museum.

Chester is also known for its massive zoo, which houses over 11,000 animals and sees over a million visitors annually. There is a good nightlife and music scene, too, as well as several annual cultural events including a summer music festival and the Chester Literature Festival. The city has produced famous names including actor Daniel Craig and footballer Michael Owen.

The city today has a population of 80,000 and welcomes over 8 million tourists per year. With the centre being made of ancient, narrow streets it can be a challenge to accommodate all of these visitors. One of the biggest problems people have is finding somewhere to park, especially inexpensive places. On this page, we’ve put together all of the free parking we could find for your convenience. Check out the map below for a quick look, or read on for more information, as well as the cheapest paid parking options.

Free Parking in Chester

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Residential Streets

If you know where to look, parking in residential streets offers a lesser-known way to park for free in a city. However, this is difficult for people unfamiliar with the area. So we went ahead and made a list of the residential streets that you can use for unrestricted parking in Chester. Based in the north and east of the city, we’ve included postcodes for your GPS and the walking distance to the city’s geographical centre.


Parking to the north of Chester is convenient for visiting Countess of Chester Hospital and the University of Chester. The walk into the city will take your over the canal and through the city walls, where you will be right near Chester Cathedral, the Forum shopping centre, and the main shopping centre of the city.

• Grange Road CH2 2AN – 0.8 miles
• Dicksons Drive CH2 2BR – 1.1 miles
• Cousens Way CH1 4DA – 1.2 miles
• Wordsworth Crescent CH1 5UF – 1.5 miles
• Mayfield Road CH1 5HY – 2.1 miles


Parking in the east of Chester is probably the best bet if you’re choosing to park in a residential street. On the road to town is the Chester railway station and several historical landmarks, including the Chester Shot Tower. Just a bit off-course from the walk into the city centre is Grosvenor Park, a pretty green space. Once again, you have to cross the canal and the ancient city walls to get to the centre proper.

• Dee Lane CH3 5AH – 0.7 miles
• West Street CH2 3PS – 0.9 miles
• Ermine Road CH2 3PN – 0.9 miles
• Halkyn Road CH2 3QD – 0.9 miles
• Derby Place CH2 3NP – 1 mile
• Kilmorey Park CH2 3QS – 1.1 miles
• Hamilton Street CH2 3JQ – 1.2 miles
• Vicarage Road CH2 3JA – 1.3 miles
• Panton Road CH2 3HX – 1.3 miles
• Beech Grove CH2 3HJ – 1.4 miles
• Canadian Avenue CH2 3HQ – 1.5 miles
• Hoole Lane CH2 3ES – 1.9 miles


When parking on a residential street, please bear in mind all of the usual rules for on-street parking. Don’t obscure driveways, entrances, or junctions. Never park on double-yellow lines, and check for any signs prohibiting parking before you leave your vehicle. Remember that your vehicle is left on a public road at your own risk, and keep noise and disruption to a minimum out of courtesy to those who live there.

Free Overnight & Sunday Parking in Chester

• Chester Racecourse CH1 2LY – on Sundays after race days and every last Sunday of the month
• Christleton Road CH3 5WA – free after 5pm and on Sundays

Park & Ride Services in Chester

Parking at any of the Park & Ride sites in Chester is completely free. Though you have to pay a fare to get the bus into the city, the tickets are valid all day and you can hop on and off the buses as many times as you like. It’s a convenient service, with buses coming every 12 minutes (every 15 minutes on Sundays), and the dedicated bus lanes make the journey much faster. Using the Park & Ride also takes away the headache of driving in city traffic. Chester’s Park & Ride buses are all equipped with free Wi-Fi and USB charging ports.

The available Park & Ride car parks are:

Upton Park & Ride CH2 4BB – north of Chester
• Boughton Heath Park & Ride CH3 5QD – southeast of Chester
• Wrexham Road Park & Ride CH4 9DQ – southwest of Chester

The bus fare is also really reasonable. A day ticket fare is £2.00, and up to 3 children under the age of 16 can travel for free with just one adult ticket. And if you’re travelling after 2pm on Wednesdays, your bus ride will be completely free!

Cheapest Paid Parking Options in Chester

If you’re more concerned with having a convenient place to park, and would prefer the extra security of an official car park, there are still paid parking options that don’t have to break the bank. These locations are also closer to the main attractions of Chester, making it that much easier for people who may have trouble walking from the further-out residential streets.
Here’s a list we compiled of the cheapest car parks in Chester, some of which are inside the city walls and more convenient for getting straight into the thick of things:

• Market, St Martins Way CH1 2HS – £3.00 for 2 hours
• Canal Street CH1 4EJ – £1.50 for 2 hours
• Garden Lane CH1 4EN – £2.00 for 2 hours
• Delamere Street CH1 3EQ – £3.00 for 2 hours
• Chester Race Course CH1 4JH – (pre-book only) £2.00 for 2 hours
• Brook Street CH1 3HU – £2.00 for 2 hours
• Hoole Road CH1 3ET – £1.40 for 2 hours

Though the city centre of Chester is a bit of a sticky wicket to park in without spending money, there are still plenty of options for finding free or cheaper parking when you visit. We hope the information on this page saves you money or time (or both!), leaving you to enjoy your time in this fascinating, ancient city.

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