Free & Paid Parking in Bristol

Bristol is a city in the southwest of England with a population of over 700,000 people. Sitting upon the Avon River, the city began as an important port and has a rich maritime and industrial history. Bristol has a rich blend of architectural styles – from the Georgian elegance of Clifton, to the Brutalist post-war buildings of the 1950s.

Nowadays, Bristol is a well-known hub for the arts, particularly street art. Bristol is also the most culturally and ethnically diverse city in the southwest, with 50 countries of origin identified in 2015. This has caused an incredibly varied number of restaurants and street food stalls to spring up, making Bristol the perfect spot for foodies too.

As with most cities in Britain, Bristol can be a challenge to drive into. One of the main issues people face is affordable parking – parking in city centres can add up and become extremely costly. It can also be very difficult to find available spaces, considering that Bristol and its surrounding areas see around 20 million tourists per year!

On this page, we’ve done the hard work for you and found all of the free parking options in close proximity to Bristol city centre. For a quick look, check out the interactive map at the top. Read on for more information, other free options, and the cheapest paid options in Bristol.

Free Parking in Bristol

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Free Car Parks in Bristol
  • Little Paradise BS3 4NE – 2 hours free
  • Hereford Street BS3 4NA – 2 hours free
  • Diamond Street BS3 3LF – 2 hours free
  • Ducie Road BS5 0AF – 2 hours free
  • Sheene Road BS3 4JE – 2 hours free
  • The Mall, Cribbs Causeway BS34 5DG

Residential Streets

Another way to park for free in Bristol is to use residential streets. Usually this would be difficult if you’re unfamiliar with the city, and it would take a lot of driving around and looking for streets with available space. We’ve compiled a list of all of the streets with free parking opportunities below, including postcodes and their distance from the city centre. The list is divided into directions you may approach Bristol from, to help you find the most convenient options.

Remember that people live and work in these streets. Keep noise to a minimum, particularly in the evenings, don’t park on double yellow lines or over driveways, and be sure to double-check for any signage on the street with parking rules, if any.

North Bristol

Parking in the north of Bristol is ideal for the more creative tourist. The walk to the city centre will take you through the artsy Gloucester/Cheltenham Road, a bright cornucopia of street art, eccentric people, quirky bars, and cuisine from all over the world – all in one place!

Lower Ashley Road BS2 9QA, 1.2 miles
Sussex Place BS2 9QW, 1.3 miles
Cromwell Road BS6 5HB, 1.4 miles
North Road BS6 5AJ, 1.4 miles
Belvoir Road BS6 5DQ, 1.4 miles
Chesterfield Road BS6 5DU, 1.4 miles
Horley Road BS2 9TL, 1.4 miles
Burghley Road BS6 5BN, 1.5 miles
Oxford Place BS5 0NR, 1.5 miles
Cambridge Park BS6 6XN, 1.9 miles
Downleaze BS9 1LY, 2.3 miles
Julian Road BS9 1NQ, 2.3 miles
Ivywell Road BS9 1NX, 2.4 miles
Cossins Road BS6 7LY, 2 miles

East Bristol

Anyone between Bath and London will find these streets most convenient to park in. No matter which direction you come from, these eastern streets are the closest you can get to the city centre without having to pay. Keep your eyes peeled for Banksy paintings on your walk to town!

Barton Manor BS2 0RL, 0.8 miles
Saint Philips Road BS2 0JS, 0.9 miles
Sussex Street BS2 0RA, 1 mile
Folly Lane BS2 0RH, 1 mile
Days Road BS2 0QS, 1.1 miles
George Jones Road BS2 0QP, 1.1 miles
Chancery Street BS5 0AA, 1.3 miles
Lincoln Street BS5 0BJ, 1.4 miles
Peters Terrace BS5 0BW, 1.4 miles

South Bristol

Parking in the south of Bristol is one of the better ways to get close to the city centre including the famous waterfront, the bustling shopping quarter, and several entertainment venues including the Hippodrome and o2 Academy. You will also be nearer to Brunel’s SS Great Britain and Brandon Hill. 

Princess Street BS3 4AG, 0.9 miles
William Street BS3 4TY, 1 mile
Richmond Street BS3 4TH, 1.1 miles
Hill Street BS1 5PU, 1.1 miles
Green Street BS3 4UA, 1.1 miles
Stevens Crescent BS3 4UJ, 1.2 miles
Vicarage Road BS3 1PD, 1.3 miles
Gladstone Street BS3 3AY, 1.5 miles

West Bristol

The west side of Bristol is a more convenient place to park for those coming over from Wales or the West Country. It’s a bit more of a walk to the centre, but you will pass the famous College Green and M Shed, the independent theatre on the waterfront, on your way.

Park on the west of the city if you want to visit the swanky Clifton neighbourhood, including the marvellous 101-metre-tall Clifton Suspension Bridge. You will also be closer to the Bristol Zoo and the Clifton Observatory.

Burwalls Road BS8 3PT, 2.3 miles
Bannerleigh Road BS8 3PF, 2.3 miles
Paxton Drive BS3 2BE, 2.4 miles

Getting free parking on residential Bristol streets does come at a kind of cost – time and effort. The walk into the centre may be difficult for the elderly, disabled people, and small children. It can also take some time to find available space and there are no guarantees that you will get one.

Cheapest Parking Options in Bristol

If you would rather have the convenience of parking near the centre of Bristol, there are paid options that are closer to main attractions. The prices can be very high in some places, so we’ve compiled a list of paid car parks with the cheapest rates, including postcodes, arranged in order of price (lowest to highest).

Trinity Centre BS2 0AQ – £1 an hour, £1.50 for 12 hours on Sunday and Bank Holidays
Bristol First Hotel, Church Street BS1 6BQ – £1 an hour (max stay 4 hours)
Wapping Wharf BS1 6JL – £1.10 for 3 hours, Mon-Fri
Bedminster Parade BS3 1AA – £2 for 2 hours (max stay 5 hours)
Maritime Heritage Centre BS1 6UP – £2 for 2 hours
Trenchard Street BS1 5AN – £3 for 2 hours
College Street BS1 5UU – £3 for 2 hours (max stay 2 hours)
The Grove BS1 4RB – £3 for 2 hours
Lower Guinea Street BS1 6SY – £3 for 2 hours
Portwall Lane BS1 6NB – £3 for 2 hours
Redcliffe Parade BS1 6SW – £3 for 2 hours
Temple Gate BS1 6PL – £3 for 2 hours
The Galleries BS1 3XD – £3.20 for 2 hours
Cabot Circus BS2 9AB – £3.50 for 2 hours

Pre-planning your trip to Bristol can make driving into the city much cheaper. Using the information we’ve provided, you can find a free or cheaper parking space and save up to £20+ every single day!

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