Free and Paid Parking in Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf Parking

Free and Paid Parking in Canary Wharf

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Free, unrestricted residential street parking

Unfortunately we couldn’t find any free residential street parking here, as Canary Wharf is such a highly redeveloped part of London. All parking is strictly monitored and any illegal parking will be dealt with by parking police almost instantaneously. Read on for paid options, including free overnight and weekend parking spots.

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Free after 5:30pm / Overnight / Weekend Parking

The following lists include the Isle of Dogs to the south and Poplar to the north. You can park for free in these locations after 5:30pm, before 8:30am, and on the weekends. Outside of these hours, the pay-and-display parking is £9.40 on the Isle of Dogs and in Poplar, with a 4 hour maximum stay that applies to many (but not all) of the bays. 

Naturally, you will have to double check any signs regarding parking to be absolutely sure you aren’t breaking any rules. If you are planning to park for free after 5:30pm or before 8:30am be conscious of time to avoid traffic wardens. 

The following distances are measured from the Canary Wharf Shopping Centre, right in the centre of Canary Wharf.

Isle of Dogs to the south:

If you park in the south of Canary Wharf you’ll be able to really take in the sites of the city, including the Madison Amory Tower, the quayside with its numerous bars, cafes and restaurants. You’ll cross a wonderful pedestrianised suspension bridge and eventually find yourself in the centre after a 15- 20 minute walk.

  • Mastmaker Road E14 9UB – 0.6 miles
  • Millharbour E14 9JS – 0.6 miles
  • Strafford Street E14 8LT – 0.9 miles
  • Manchester Road E14 3NU – 0.9 miles
  • East Ferry Road E14 3LB – 0.9 miles
  • Chipka Street E14 3LD – 0.9 miles

Poplar to the north:

Parking in the north of Canary wharf will save you time as you’ll be coming straight off of the A1261. It isn’t such a scenic route but you’ll have a few road bridges to cross, giving nice views of the docks. Your neck will be aching by the time you get to the shopping centre as there are so many impressively large skyscrapers to check out. YOu could almost be in New York!

  • Dolphin Lane E14 0BY – 0.6 miles
  • Poplar High Street E14 0AE – 0.6 miles
  • Newby Place E14 0AX – 0.8 miles
  • Bazely Street E14 0BA – 0.8 miles
  • Woodstock Terrace E14 0AE – 0.6 miles
  • Hale Street E14 0BF – 0.6 miles

Cheapest Paid Car Parks in Canary Wharf

Car Parks on the Isle of Dogs and Poplar are either more than a 40 minute walk away, or much more expensive than in Canary Wharf (£15 – £25) for 2 hours. At some of these car parks they offer a free 3 hour parking space if you spend £10 or more in certain shops. You can also book parking spaces in advance on their Canary Wharf app which is a nice touch. 

  • Cabot Square Car Park E14 4PA – £4.80 for 2 hours
  • Canada Square Car Park E14 5EW – £4.80 for 2 hours 
  • Westferry Circus Car Park E14 4HD – £4.80 for 2 hours
  • Jubilee Place Car Park E14 5NY – £4.80 for 2 hours
  • West India Quay Car Park – £5.00 for 2 hours

3 Hours Free Parking

On weekends and public holidays, you’re eligible for 3 hours of complimentary parking in any of our public parking areas if you make a £10 purchase at any of our participating stores, eateries, or bars. To take advantage of the 3-hour free parking offer, simply inquire if the shop is part of the discount program, get your parking ticket validated at the time of purchase, and use it at the payment kiosks before going back to your vehicle.

For weekdays from Monday to Friday, except for public holidays, you can also get 2 hours of free parking when you spend £10 at Waitrose Food & Home. To secure this 2-hour free parking deal, just have your parking ticket validated when you make your purchase and use it at the payment stations before heading back to your car.

JustPark Options

While JustPark has a small number of parking spaces within Canary Wharf proper, their hourly rates go well beyond any of the car parks (£9+ per hour). If, however, you’re willing to take a short walk of no more than 20 minutes, you will be able to find private driveways or parking bays for rent on the Isle of Dogs and in Poplar. While the prices vary greatly, we found 6 parking spaces asking £6 or less for two hours of parking with a one hour lead time. Extending the lead time to 24 hours more than doubled the number of affordable (<£6 for 2 hours) parking spaces within a 20 minute minute walk of Canary Wharf.

Drive to Canary Wharf regularly? Save yourself the time and hassle of looking for parking AND avoid some of the steepest parking charges in the country by checking out the amazing parking options available on JustPark in Canary Wharf and the surrounding areas.

Visiting Canary Wharf

Right in the very heart of the financial centre of London lies Canary Wharf, situated on the Isle of Dogs. It’s what most people would consider the ‘city’ part of London, with all of the epic high rise buildings associated. Visitors can marvel at the 235m high One Canada Square, the UK’s 3rd largest building. There’s an unbelievable 1,500,000m2 of both retail and office space in this tiny section of central London, with cutting edge architecture as well as the fantastic Canary Wharf Quayside. There are also 18,000 residents living there with easy access to the Canary Wharf tube station on the Jubilee line.

The name Canary Wharf is directly related to its history as one of the most important, not to mention the busiest docks in the British Empire. It rose to this mighty position at the start of the 1800s until WWII, with its eventual demise in the 1960s. The name Canary was given to it because of its strong trade ties with the Spanish colony of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic. In the early 1980s, conservative politician Michael Heseltine led a huge redevelopment project, pathing the way to the ultra modern success it is today. 

Visitors can find all manner of entertainment there, including an ice rink with multiple bars and restaurants along the pristine quayside. Another big tourist attraction is the Museum of London Docklands. It’s the perfect place for a family day out, as well as highly educational for everyone. Built inside a grade II listed Victorian warehouse, the museum really helps visitors to get to grips with the importance of the docks and its significance in history. As you could probably guess, there’s a dark side to the museum too, as you will learn about the diabolical transatlantic slave trade, which finally ended in the mid 1800s. One fascinating feature is the Victorian Sailortown – an extremely detailed reconstruction of the streets from that period. It will give you a sense of what it was really like to be in those Oliver Twist days, but without the foul stench of sewage!

If you fancy an affordable trip on the river Thames, why not consider using the river boat service? It’s available using your bank card or Oyster card with several routes at regular intervals from the Canary Wharf Pier. It will give you a wonderful new perspective of the  centre of London.

Naturally, parking for free on weekdays isn’t possible at all in this part of central London. We’ve found all of the best paid options, as well as free after 5:30 pm and before 8:30 am options, including free weekend parking! Scroll down to see all of the best options for parking in the Canary Wharf area.