Free & Paid Parking in Newquay

Free & Paid Parking in Newquay

Newquay is a popular seaside town on the north coast of Cornwall. The earliest settlers arrived in the area during the Bronze Age, but Newquay itself officially began as a fishing village. It became a larger fishing port due to the natural harbour created by the nearby headland, and developed as a seaside resort when railway travel boomed in the 19th century.

For a time there was a knitting industry in the early 20th century and since then Newquay has continued to spread, absorbing nearby villages like Porth and Trencreek, which are now suburbs of the main town. More recently, it has become a centre for aerospace industries and has a dedicated spaceport for launching space vehicles.

The population of Newquay isn’t very large at just under 27,000. However, the popularity of Newquay as a holiday destination hasn’t waned, with just under 6 million tourists visiting in 2021 alone. It remains popular due to its nine beaches, abundance of holiday accommodation and attractions such as Trenance Leisure Gardens, Newquay Zoo and the Blue Reef Aquarium, and the large golf club.

Newquay is also popular due to being in an area of natural beauty, with lots of hikes and campgrounds in the countryside surrounding it. the 630-mile long south west coast path also runs right through the town.

One of the things Newquay is most famous for is its surfing culture – the town is considered to be central to the surf industry in Britain, and has been dubbed the ‘surf capital of the UK’. Many surf shops and surfboard manufacturers call Newquay home, and several of the beaches are good for surfing, including Tolcarne and Great Western beaches. The most famous beach is Fistral – its powerful ways draw surfers from around the world and surfing competitions have been held there for over 20 years. Newquay also holds the annual Boardmasters surfing and music festival.

Because of its popularity, finding somewhere to park in Newquay can be difficult. This is particularly difficult in the summer, when the town is busy and parking prices dramatically increase. On this page, we’ve collated all of the free parking opportunities in Newquay. See the map below for a quick look, and read on for more detailed information and other parking options.

Free Parking in Newquay

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Free Car Parks in Newquay

• Sainsbury’s, Alma Place TR7 1NF – customers only
• Asda Oakleigh Terrace TR7 1RN – customers only
• Harbour Car Park TR7 1HR – free during winter
• Albany Road Car Park TR7 2NS – free during winter
• Belmont Car Park TR7 1HG – free during winter
• Dane Road Car Park TR7 1HL – free during winter

Residential Streets

One of the best options for free parking in any town is to make like a local and use residential streets. When you park on these streets, always check for double-yellow lines or signage restricting parking before you leave your vehicle. Be sure to never block entrances, junctions, or driveways. Keep noise to a minimum, particularly in the evenings, out of courtesy for people who live there. And always remember that you leave your car in residential streets at your own risk.

It can be difficult to know where to find parking if you’re unfamiliar with an area. To save you the time and effort of driving around the streets, we’ve put together a list of residential streets that are unrestricted, categorised into the direction they are from the centre of Newquay. The lists are organised in order of distance from the geographic centre of Newquay, near the Great Western beach. We’ve also included the postcodes for your GPS, and the walking distance to the centre from each street.


Parking in the easterly streets can put you near to Newquay Zoo and the Orchard. These streets are also close to the seafront and are a short walk to the Porth, Newquay, Tolcarne, and Great Western beaches.

• Ulalia Road TR7 2QA – 0.1 miles
• Edgcumbe Gardens TR7 2QD – 0.1 miles
• Eliot Gardens TR7 2QE – 0.1 miles
• Colvreath Road TR7 2PY – 0.3 miles
• St Annes Road TR7 2SA – 0.4 miles
• Chester Road TR7 2RH – 0.4 miles
• Tretherras Road TR7 2RA – 0.4 miles
• Well Way TR7 3LR – 1 mile
• Veor Road TR7 3BX – 1.1 miles
• Penhallow Road TR7 3BZ – 1.1 miles
• Porth Beach Road TR7 3LU – 1.1 miles, off season only (1st October-30th April)
• Cross Close TR7 3LB – 1.2 miles
• Trevelgue Road TR7 3LY – 1.6 miles


Parking in these streets are the shortest walk to the geographic centre of Newquay, making them the most convenient. Nearby are the seafront, Tolcarne and Great Western beaches, and Newquay train station.

• Tregoss Road TR7 2NR – 397ft
• Pargolla Road TR7 1RW – 0.4 miles
• St Thomas Road TR7 1RS – 0.5 miles
• Lanhenvor Avenue TR7 2HF – 0.5 miles
• Trenance Avenue TR7 2HQ – 0.6 miles
• Trelawney Road TR7 2DW – 0.6 miles


Parking to the west of the town centre is convenient for a number of sights and attractions. Surfers will find easy access to Fistral beach, the headland, and Cribbar reef. Other sights include Crantock beach, the Gannel Estuary, and The Island House Bridge. There are also historical landmarks like Huer’s Hut. The aquarium is to the west, as is the Newquay Golf Club.

• Tolcarne Road TR7 2NQ – 0.1 miles
• Springfield Road TR7 1RT – 0.3 miles
• Bothwicks Road TR7 1DY – 0.5 miles
• Mitchell Avenue TR7 1BN – 0.5 miles
• Grosvenor Avenue TR7 1BQ – 0.5 miles
• Island Crescent TR7 1DZ – 0.5 miles
• St Michaels Road TR7 1QZ – 0.7 miles
• The Crescent TR7 1DS – 0.7 miles
• Arundel Way TR7 3BB – 0.8 miles
• Fernhill Road TR7 1LE – 0.9 miles
• St Pirans Road TR7 1JY – 0.9 miles
• Trevose Avenue TR7 1NJ – 1 mile
• Belmont Place TR7 1HG – 1 mile
• Golf Terrace TR7 1NL – 1.1 miles
• Esplanade Road TR7 1PS – 1.5 miles

These next streets aren’t as convenient for the town centre, as you’d have to get a ferry across the estuary, or walk the bridge at low tide. However, parking here gives you better access to some beautiful coastal sites like Pentire Point West, the secluded Poly Joke beach, the uninhabited Chick Island – where you can spot seals and other wildlife – and Holywell Bay. 

• Gustory Road TR8 5RG – 2.6 miles
• Carneton Close TR8 5RY – 2.7 miles
• Chapel Close TR8 5RX – 2.7 miles
• St Carantoc Way TR8 5SB – 2.7 miles

Even though parking in residential streets is free, it can come at a difference cost – namely time and effort. For certain people, including the elderly and disabled people, getting to the town centre from where they’ve parked can be more difficult. There is also no guarantee that the streets will have a space to park, and it can take time to find somewhere suitable. If parking in residential streets isn’t for you, there are other parking options, explained below.

Free Overnight Parking in Newquay

In the evenings and overnight, a lot of car parks and streets become unrestricted in Newquay. This is ideal for people who are staying overnight and want to park for free. Due to bylaws in the town about irresponsible camping and damage to the local environment, it’s forbidden to sleep in your vehicle when you park it overnight – so only park here if you have accommodation arranged elsewhere, or you could be subject to fines.

• Ennors Road TR7 1RB – free from 4pm-9am
• Fistral Beach Car Park TR7 1HY – free from 6:30pm-8am
• Fore Street TR7 1EY – free from 9pm-9am
• Mount Wise TR7 2AZ – free from 4pm-8am
• The Manor TR7 1RA – free from 4pm-8am
• Fore Street TR7 1LP – free from 4pm-8am
• St Georges Road TR7 1TD – free from 4pm-8am
• Tregunnel Hill TR7 1FW – free from 4pm-8am
• Albany Road TR7 2NS – free from 4pm-8am
• Belmont TR7 1HG – free from 4pm-8am
• Dane Road TR7 1HL – free from 4pm-8am

Cheapest Paid Parking Options in Newquay

If you would prefer the security and convenience of a paid car park, it needn’t break the bank. We’ve found several cheaper car parks in the town of Newquay, listed below. If you are able to be flexible with your visit, it’s worth noting that the off-season is a lot cheaper, quieter, and sometimes even free which makes parking a lot easier.

The Manor, Saint Michaels Road TR7 1RA – Summer: £3.40 for 2 hours, Winter: £3.10 for 2 hours
• Fore Street TR7 1LP – £3.40 for 2 hours, maximum stay 2 hours
• St Georges Road TR7 1TD – Summer: £3.40 for 2 hours, Winter: £1.20 flat rate
• Harbour Car Park TR7 1HR – Summer: £3.10 for 2 hours, free in winter
• Holy Trinity Church TR7 1LS – £3.00 for 2 hours

Newquay is a naturally beautiful and exciting seaside town to visit. We hope the information on this page helps you to find a free parking spot, so you can spend your time and money enjoying the many sights and attractions Newquay has to offer.

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