Free & Paid Parking in Liverpool

Free Parking in Liverpool

Liverpool as a city grew up around the major port there, established during the Industrial Revolution. In the 19th century, it was a major emigration point for people going to North America. The city continued to boom and now has a population of just under half a million people, putting it in the top 10 most populated cities in Britain.

One of the most famous things about Liverpool is its status of Pop Music Capital of the World. This title was bestowed by Guinness World Records, and is mostly because of the massive global influence of arguably Liverpool’s most famous musical act, The Beatles. The city is a pilgrimage for fans of the band and there are many Beatles-themed attractions in the city including a museum, a statue, and the infamous Cavern Club. Many other well-known acts have come out of Liverpool including Cilla Black and Frankie Goes to Hollywood. For classical fans, Liverpool holds importance as home to the oldest surviving professional symphony orchestra.

Elsewhere in the arts Liverpool also contributes hugely, producing many actors including names like Kim Cattrall, Tom Baker, Stephen Graham, and Jason Isaacs. The city is only outstripped by London in number of art galleries, listed buildings and parks, and national museums. There is also a thriving nightlife and several World Heritage Sites.

Sport is also a major draw for out-of-towners, with tens of thousands of football fans visiting the city every year to see the two major teams – Liverpool F.C. and Everton F.C – at their respective stadiums.

Part of Liverpool’s charm is the diverse cultural landscape – it’s home to the oldest Black and Chinese communities in all of Europe, and food and arts from all over the world can be found in the city. This has fostered a tolerant and welcoming attitude among Liverpudlians, with the city being voted as one of the friendliest in the UK.

Like any major, popular city, trying to park in the centre of Liverpool can be a headache. With some pre-planning, though, it is possible. On this page we’ve put all of the free parking options you might need. Refer to the map below or read on for more information.

Free Parking in Liverpool

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Residential Streets

A good way to park in a city is to seek out unrestricted residential streets. Unfortunately, most of central Liverpool operates Controlled Parking Zones which require a permit to park in. However, there are still options if you know where to look. It can be difficult to seek them out with no prior knowledge of the city, so we’ve made a list of them for you, arranged in order of distance from the city centre.

• Upper Duke Street L1 9DU – 0.4 miles
• Bath Street L3 1AJ – 0.7 miles
• Soho Street L3 8AE – 0.8 miles
• St Bartholomew Road L3 2DA – 0.9 miles
• Richmond Row L3 3BL – 0.9 miles
• Prince Edwin Street L5 3LW – 1.3 miles
• Langrove Street L5 3PE – 1.4 miles
• Sandhills Lane L5 9XN – 2.2 miles
• Bankfield Street L20 8EJ – 2.6 miles
• Regent Road L20 1DE – 2.6 miles

When parking in residential streets, remember that there are people who live and work in the area. Observe the usual on-street parking rules – don’t obstruct driveways or entrances, don’t park on double-yellow lines, and keep noise to a minimum (especially during later hours). Check the area for any signage restricting parking before you leave your vehicle there, and accept that you park in unregulated streets at your own risk.
Though parking in residential streets is free, it does take time and effort that you would otherwise not be using – to find a space, park, and then walk to your destination. This can be especially difficult for people with disabilities, the elderly, or families with small children. In this case, there are a few other options that may be easier.

Free Overnight Parking in Liverpool

Though many places have restrictions or cost during the day, there are several car parks and residential streets in and around Liverpool city centre that become free to park in in the evenings. This is ideal for people wanting to stay in the city overnight. The places we’ve listed below are unrestricted between the hours of 7:30pm and 7:30am every night.

Car Parks
• Dale Street L2 2HJ – 0.4 miles
• Kempston Street L3 8NG – 0.6 miles
• Hunter Street L3 8EN – 0.6 miles
• Fontenoy Street L3 2BE – 0.7 miles
• Lambert Street L3 8NG – 0.7 miles

Residential Streets

• Moorfields L2 2BS – 0.4 miles
• Covent Garden L2 8UD – 0.6 miles
• Cunard Building, Water Street L3 1EL – 0.6 miles
• East Street L3 9GW – 0.7 miles
• Edmund Street L3 9AH – 0.7 miles
• St Nicholas Place L3 1QW – 0.8 miles

Liverpool Park & Ride Services

Liverpool doesn’t have a Park & Ride in the usual sense, in which you park up and catch a bus. Instead, the Park & Ride service is rail-based and you park at one of the city train stations to ride into the centre. Trains run regularly, making it quite convenient to get back to your car when you’re finished in the city. Parking in the station is free, but there is of course a train fare. However, this is an easier and cheaper option than parking at one of the central car parks or parking further out in a residential street.

  • Brunswick Station L8 6XP
  • St Michaels Station L17 7BG
  • Walton Station L9 3DG
  • Oriel Road Station, Bootle L20 7AD
  • Cressington Station L19 0PE
  • Kirkby Station L32 2BD

Cheapest Paid Parking Options in Liverpool

If you would rather skip the hassle and have the security of an official car park, it doesn’t have to be extortionate either. We’ve researched the cheapest available parking near the city centre for your inconvenience. Find them listed below, including postcodes for your GPS and general pricing.

  • Hunter Street L3 8EN – £3.00 for 2 hours
  • Kempston Street L3 8NG – £2.40 for 2 hours
  • Lambert Street L3 8LG – £2.40 for 2 hours
  • The Liner Hotel L3 5QB – £3.00 for 2 hours
  • Fontenoy Street L3 2BE – £3.00 for 2 hours
  • Copperas Hill L3 5GE – £2.20 for 2 hours
  • Primrose Hill L3 2BA – £2.90 for 2 hours
  • Dale Street L1 6DP – £3.00 for 2 hours
  • Shaw Hill Street L1 6DE – £2.80 for 2 hours
  • Mount Pleasant L3 5TB – £2.40 for 2 hours

Liverpool is a beautiful, vibrant city with so much to see and do. There truly is something for everyone whether you’re a music lover, sports fan, or history buff. You needn’t worry about how and where you will park in the city when you’re there to enjoy your trip. We hope the information on this page will help you to quickly and easily find somewhere to stop and get out to explore all Liverpool has to offer as soon as possible.

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