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Bristol Airport Parking

There’s no sugarcoating it – parking at Bristol Airport is expensive. Coupled with the fact that there’s no direct rail link to the airport, leaving people no other options than driving or taking a bus, a lot of people are searching for cheaper parking alternatives at Bristol Airport.  ParkingScout happily presents this guide that will break down some good ways of saving you money on parking the next time you visit Bristol Airport. Don’t forget to check out the companion map which pinpoints many of the locations discussed in the guide.

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Parking at Bristol Airport

Bristol Airport prides itself on how its parking is managed, plastering its high average customer ratings, excellent service, and flattering reviews all over the booking page; but truth be told, the quoted prices on their website are as high as or higher than any other large airport in the UK. It’s important to remember that there isn’t a direct rail connection to Bristol Airport, meaning you either drive there or take the Airport Shuttle. This also means increased traffic to and from the airport and more competition for desirable parking spots. With the most desirable spots being close to the terminal, be prepared to cough up for convenient parking. Like other airports, Bristol Airport uses dynamic pricing, meaning that parking prices change throughout the year depending on the season. Bristol Airport’s official website guarantees the absolute best prices for airport parking and will match a cheaper online price or refund the difference.

Bristol Airport has the following parking sites and areas:

Bristol Airport Short-Stay Car Parks

The Silver Zone car park is located to the south of the terminal building. A free airport shuttle bus ferries passengers to and from the Silver Zone car park to the terminal building every 20 minutes, with the ride taking approximately 7–9 minutes. This is the most popular parking option at the airport for stays of 1–5 days. At the time of checking (June 2023), booking parking two weeks in advance in the Silver Zone, during peak season, using the airport’s official, price-guaranteed site costs:

  • £65.99 for a 3-day stay
  • £85.99 for a 5-day stay
  • £105.99 for an 8-day stay

Another option for short-stay parking is the official short-stay car park, just a 3-5 minute walk from the terminal building.

  • £80.99 for a 3-day stay
  • £122.99 for a 5-day stay
  • £176.99 for an 8-day stay

The short-stay car park doubles as the Pick Up Car Park and is the best option for very short stays of up to a few hours.

  • £5 for a 0-20 mins stay
  • £10 for a 1-hour stay
  • £14 for a 4-hour stay

One last option to consider is parking in the multi-storey car park. It’s also no more than a short walk to the terminal entrance, but more importantly, is covered to protect your car from the elements. Again using the official booking site, we were quoted:

  • £84.99 for a 3-day stay
  • £130.99 for a 5-day stay
  • £177.99 for an 8-day stay

The airport also has a Drop & Go car park for extremely short stays, such as when simply dropping someone off and leaving immediately. Expect to pay £10 for stays of less than 40 minutes. After 40 minutes, the price increases dramatically, making the short-stay car park a better option.

Important notes about these prices:

  • These rates drop significantly during the winter months, especially in the multi-storey car park.
  • It’s best to pre-book your parking if you plan on using the short-stay car parks at Bristol Airport. The hourly rates are higher if you do not reserve your spot.

Bristol Airport Long-Stay Car Parks

The Bristol Airport long-stay car park is the most affordable on-site parking option for stays of a week or longer. It’s located to the northeast of the terminal, a 5-15 minute walk to check-in. Again using the official airport booking site, we were quoted the following amounts for certain durations of parking during peak months.

  • £201.99 for a 10-day stay
  • £257.99 for a 14-day stay

If you don’t like leaving your car exposed to Mother Nature, you could consider a long stay in the Multi-storey car park. Confusingly, we were quoted less for multi-story stays than in the long-stay car park.

  • £198.99 for a 10-day stay
  • £240.99 for a 14-day stay

Other parking options away from the airport

With airport parking generally considered to be more on the expensive side of things, it’s no wonder that there is an interest in alternative parking arrangements. A common solution to the expensive airport parking problem is to look for affordable long- or short-term parking near public transport hubs such as metro/railway stations, bus stations, etc., and then take said transport to the airport and back to your car. In Bristol’s case though, the airport doesn’t have a direct rail link, and the only public transport to and from the airport is the Bristol Airport Flyer shuttle bus. This means that there are fewer potential parking gems, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t around. The Bristol Airport Flyer shuttle bus runs 24/7, with buses coming as frequently as every 10 minutes during peak times. A single ticket costs £7, a return ticket £11, and both can be bought on-board. Further down below we discuss parking options along its route.

Parking at Whitegates B&B

Whitegates B&B is located in Felton, less than a 3-minute drive from the airport. They offer both affordable parking and accommodation options, with parking rates starting from as low as £45 for 8 days and £75 for 15 days, even if you’re not a B&B guest. They offer transfer services to the airport in a private vehicle. Please note that they have a limited number of parking spaces available, so make sure to contact them in advance and reserve your spot.

Park & Walk

Bristol Airport is one of only a handful of major UK airports that has a park & walk car park that’s not actually on the airport grounds. In most cases, the roads and highways surrounding the airport simply don’t allow for this option. While not everyone will jump at the idea of having to walk 12-15 minutes to the airport –especially if you’re lugging heavy bags or lots of kids with you– it could net you quite a bit in savings on parking. The process is incredibly simple – book your space and make the payment online, receive your instructions and allocated parking bay by email, arrive and park your car yourself, and set off to the airport along a guided trail on foot with your key in your pocket. Please note that there is no reception staff or transfer service available.

ParkingScout was quoted £21.83 for a 4-hour stay, £21.83 for a 24-hour stay, £35.48 for a 3-day stay,  £62.80 for a 7-day stay, and £83.28 for a 10-day stay.

Parking near Parson Street Bus Stop

The Parson Street bus stop is located on the Airport Flyer route (about 100m north of Parson Street Station, right in front of Halfords Autocentre) and has a selection of nearby parking options available that could make it worth your while to stop and park here. If you’re only looking for a couple of hours of parking, perhaps to pick someone up or drop them off, you could consider making use of free streetside parking options. While it’s not as safe and secure as a car park, it doesn’t cost a penny, and there are actually quite a few options available within a very short walk of the bus stop. Please make sure to follow local rules and parking guidelines, avoid blocking traffic or other vehicles with your own, and remove or hide all visible items of value, such as laptops or cameras, from sight. Nearby streets that offer free streetside parking include:

  • Highbridge Road BS3 3HZ // 0.1 miles
  • Hall Street BS3 5PN // 0.1 miles
  • Palmyra Road BS3 3HU // 0.1 miles

Unfortunately, parking near the Parson Street bus stop is only suitable for short visits to the airport. All of the car parks within walking distance of the bus stop have a 4h maximum stay limit. You could roll the dice and leave your car on the side of the road overnight, but this is definitely not recommended for an extended number of nights. Parson Street bus stop is the only stop along the A1 Airport Flyer route that represents any sort of value. Closer to the airport, parking becomes increasingly risky as you head out of the suburbs. You could leave your car unattended on any number of side streets closer to the airport, but it gets riskier. Closer to Bristol, overnight parking (or even just for a few hours, for that matter) gets increasingly expensive, to the point where you’re not saving anything compared to airport prices.

Driveway rentals

A final option to consider is renting out someone’s driveway through a driveway rental app. A huge number of people who live near airports around the country rent out their driveways to earn a bit of passive income. Although you still have to make it to the airport, the driveway rates are usually extremely competitive compared to other options. This means that even with the cost of a shuttle or taxi included, you could potentially still save a few pounds on parking. is a major player in the driveway rental space. You can download their app or use their website to see that there are quite a few options available within just a few miles of Bristol Airport. With the airport being accessible on foot, there are even options available within walking distance. Less than 2 miles from the airport, you can find private driveways for rent from as little as £2.60/4h, with most places going for about £6 per 4 hours. For a 7-day stay, this bumps up to an average of about £60, with the cheapest options available from less than £40.

Airport Park & Fly

An airport park & fly service is one final thing to consider when looking at ways to save money on airport parking. Typically, using one of these services would involve driving to a parking site within a few miles of the airport, parking your car (or having it parked for you), and taking a shuttle to the terminal. When you fly back, either your car will be waiting for you, or you will take a shuttle back to the parking area. Many airport park and ride services include the transfer fee in the final quote, but it’s worth checking beforehand.

Goblin Parking

Goblin Parking operates out of Goblin Combe Farm no more than a 5-minute drive from Bristol Airport. This family-run farm has been offering car parking services since 1984 as a way to supplement their farming heritage. Their website is very user-friendly, and you can very quickly and easily determine how much you’d have to pay per period of time. The price also varies based on the number of people to transfer, going up by £2 per person after the second person. A week’s parking and return transfers will cost a single traveller and car £75. You can get an instant quote and contact Goblin Parking from this page.

Broadfield Park and Fly

Broadfield Park and Fly is also located within a 5-minute drive from the airport (you could walk if you weren’t carrying luggage) and offers very competitive parking prices with free lifts to and from the airport. 6-8 days of parking will cost you £60, and in general, their prices are very difficult to beat considering how close it is to the airport. They only have a static web page, but it has all the information you need to contact them, make a reservation, and find them.

Oakwood Airport Parking

Oakwood Airport Parking is the absolute closest privately run park & fly service to the airport. 7 days’ parking will cost £60, making it a more than reasonable option considering that this price includes a 5-minute transfer to the airport. If you’re up for it or not too weighed down, you can make a walk of it. Please note that your car will be moved to a different car park and returned to the drop-off location when you return – by insured drivers of course. The onsite Beechwood B&B can also provide you with an affordable and comfortable night’s sleep. We trust that the details we provide in this guide will make your upcoming trip more convenient and affordable. Don’t forget to take a look at our free interactive map to help you find the absolute best parking options near Bristol Airport.

Spending any time in Bristol? Check out our free guide to parking in Bristol. You might be surprised to see how much you can save with expert parking advice!